Moringa Oil Recipes For Skin And Hair

Moringa Oil Recipes For Skin And Hair

Published by Chalyce Macoskey on 15th Sep 2023

For hair



  • Mix the oils together in a glass bowl or bottle.
  • Apply to the hair, massaging into the roots.
  • Cover hair, and leave on overnight.
  • Shampoo and condition hair as usual.
  • You can also heat this mixture for a few seconds on the stove, prior to applying. Some people like the heightened scent that heating gives the oils. Do not over heat, this can damage the beneficial properties in the oils.

For skin


  • Massage gently into your skin on the face or the body.
  • Tissue off any excess.

Moringa oil has a relatively long shelf life up to about 1 year. However, you should store any oil blend in glass at room temperature, in a dark space, to prevent it from going rancid.

As always, first apply to a small area to test before using on face or hair.  Everyone's skin and hair are different.  Essential7 is not responsible for any challenges related to the recipes above.  They are suggestions only.  Educate yourself before using essential oils.

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