Healing The Spirit With Essential Oils

Healing The Spirit With Essential Oils

Published by Chalyce Macoskey on 15th Sep 2023


Illness begins at the level of the spirit. Disharmony or dis-ease of the body is often the result of disharmony or disease in the spirit. When we address the spirit, when we work to heal our emotional well-being, we often experience fewer physical manifestations of dis-ease and illness.


Many things effect our emotions: pregnancy, childbirth, diet, lack of exercise, illness death or stress. The emotions around memories of powerful events in our lives are particularly potent in unsettling our peace of mind Unfortunately when this onslaught of emotions attacks we often seek medical attention in hopes of easing our distress. Unfortunately, this is often a temporary fix, the treating of symptoms instead of treating the actual cause of distress. Sometimes the temporary fix can lead to even more challenges than before.


Emotions are a addiction. Every time you revisit the emotional drama of a memory you reinforce that emotion, make that emotion even stronger. How can you neutralize negative emotions? Try this - to help break negative emotions, bring up a memory. Stop and think about how the emotions around that memory make you feel. Does the emotion, the feeling own you? Does it control you? Ask yourself, does this emotion have the right to own and control you? No? Then let it go! As you release the emotion, letting it go, affirm that the emotion does not own or control you. As you make this affirmation, apply an essential oil as suggested below. In time you will notice the grip of the emotion easing, until ultimately, it will no longer have a hold on you. Although the memory will remain, the emotional drama no longer controls you. Although the memory remains, there is no longer any emotional drama attached.


The beauty of essential oils is that they work with the body’s chemistry to help restore the balance of the mind, body, and spirit.

Essential Oils are drawn from the vital energies of nature’s many plants, making each oil or blend very diverse in its effects. Essential oils work in many ways. The benefit of an oil depends on its chemical properties. Some individual oils can have 200 or more different properties. These different properties are why Lavender, for example, can be used for stress, burns, rashes, bug bites and so much more.

Essential7 which produces only oils of the purest and highest therapeutic grade, offers several blends created to take the guess work out of using oils to enhance emotional healing and harmony. These oils may be used topically, by diffusing, or inhaling. An experienced practitioner who is knowledgeable about the use of therapeutic-grade essential oil will understand the ideal oil blend, delivery method and body placement to address specific imbalances for everyone.

Here are some Essential Oil blends such a practitioner might suggest:

Courage- This brave blend may be useful for occasions when you know you will be outside your comfort zone such as: job interviews, public speaking, etc. for extra energetic support-boost. Rub a few drops of Courage onto the soles of your feet, your wrists, or rub a few drops vigorously between the palms of your hands, then cup them around your nose and breathe deeply.

Enlighten- For use with yoga and meditation. May help some to reach a state of higher consciousness.

Relax and Release- May be used to help relieve stress and stress related conditions. Aids in yoga and meditation.

Please remember this is for educational purposes only. In no way is this intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe. Do not discontinue any medications without speaking with your practitioner. Your are in charge of your health, do your research and choose wisely.

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