8 Surprising Facts About Essential Oils

8 Surprising Facts About Essential Oils

Published by Chalyce on 15th Sep 2023

In this article, we are going to discuss about a few interesting and mind blowing facts about essential oils. So here we go.

Essential Oils are not really Oils

Essential oils are the like the soul of the plant. But they are not actually oils, because they do not contain the fatty acids which is considered as the main thing of an oil.

Essential Oils are produced naturally, so they cannot be patented

This is one of the reasons why most health practitioners will never recommend or prescribe essential oils. This is also the reason why we will not see essential oils in pharmaceutical drug store.

Essential Oils create a hostile environment for bacteria and fungi

Due to its highly concentrated medicinal properties, essential oils are more reactive and best solutions to get rid of germs and microbes from the air.

Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils are not the same things

Fragrance Oils are synthetic and also contains a mixture of natural essential oils and this is why they both aren’t same.

To produce one pound of peppermint essential oil, more than 250 pounds of peppermint leaves are required

Yeah, it’s true. However the quantity may decrease or increase for certain types of essential oils. For example, to extract 1 pound of lavender oil, we need more than 150 pounds of lavender flowers.

Essential Oils will last for at least 5 years

When stored in amber glass bottles, they will last even more.

Essential Oils can help you lift your mood skills

Studies have shown that inhaling orange essential oil can be very supportive when challenged with sadness.

Expensive essential oils doesn’t mean that they are the purest oils

This is true even in case of every aspect of our life. So no further explanation is needed.

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