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Essential Oil Uses for Babies and Children

By Chalyce Macoskey on Saturday, December 28, 2013 at 3:00am

Essential Oil Care for Children & BabiesThe information on this page is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to be used to diagnose, prescribe or treat any disease, illness or injury. Seek professional medical attention if your child appears to have any disease, illness or injury.

When using essential oils on babies and children, it is always best to dilute 1-2 drops of pure essential oils with 1/2-1 tsp. vegetable oil.

If the oils are used in a bath, always use a bath gel base as a dispersing agent for the oils.Keep essential oils out of children's reach...

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How To Apply Essential Oils For Children Under 6 years


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Essential7 is a woman owned cottage business that offers you a wide range of 100% Pure therapeutic quality Essential Oils, Absolute oils, precious oils, cosmetic ingredients, soap making supplies, fragrance oils for soaps, lotions,, cosmetic products, and candles, floral water hydrosols, body massage oils, carrier oils, and many other natural oils, butters and waxes.  Our products are not animal tested and vegan.


At, LLC, our mission is and has always been: To supply the finest, purest natural products at honest, reasonable and competitive prices. Our dedication to customer service means that we strive to make every interaction with our customers a pleasant experience. 

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