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Essential7 is a woman-owned boutique business that offers you a wide range of 100% high-quality essential oils and other natural products. 

Our products are vegan, as well as pesticide and herbicide free. We do not use bio-identical hormones or synthetics, nor do we test on animals. One of our unique qualities is that we specialize in blends that support the gastroparesis community.  

Chalyce Macoskey is the owner of Essential7 and the published author of the book Wisdom By Nature: The New Approach to Healing Gastroparesis and Other Digestive Challenges as well as Wisdom By Nature: The New Approach For Moms To Be.  Other projects include being a published researcher and leading expert on using essential oils with gastroparesis. Her blends have been research proven and are included in the Holistic Nursing Practice Journal and can be viewed PubMed.


Chalyce is a Naturopathic Practitioner, IV-certified medical assistant with certifications in both aromatherapy and holistic health coaching. She offers one on one and group coaching classes.  To check on classes or to schedule a session you can email her at 



Philanthropy includes advocating for the Murdered and Missing Indigenous People. 


Currently, she serves as the Vice President of aromatherapy for the Natural Therapies where  Certification Board and certifies health care professionals as aromatherapy coaches


Her passion for making a difference in the animal world lead her to, where she and Jon Mac joined forces to make Defending The Endangered's first gala a huge success in 2017.



Chalyce is kundalini level one teacher, combining her knowledge of essential oils with the practice. Oriented in giving people a better understanding of how to use essential oils with yoga and meditation. 








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