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Customer Service 

Chalyce and Essential 7 has always been great for any of my needs. When my computer was down and I was having a problem placing my order online, I called and Chalyce, helped me fill my order. They are like family. - Colleen H


Essential 7 goes far beyond any customer service with suggestions and offers to save on shipping by using various methods! They truly offer you suggestions which make you know that your satisfaction is their goal! - Cheryl H 



Sweet Pea Fragrance Oil

Just like the store brand!!! 

This is one of my husbands fav smells. So I was really excited to try it, and even more excited when it was exactly the same as the popular expensive store brand :) I want to learn how to add it to body wash, etc -. Dona


Verbena, Lemon Essential Oil


I love my lemon verbena plant but never found anywhere except here that I could get the essential oil. I bought it a while ago and hadn't used it until tonight when I was making a small batch of M&P soap that no fragrance seemed quite right for. I put just a few drops of your lemon verbena in it and it smells wonderful!! It's bright and fresh and lemony but not like a citrus---just like my lemon verbena plant. Please don't stop carrying this scent---I will need more!!!! - Bonnie


Ache No More Blend 

Ache no more 

I love this stuff, I'm having some bursitis in my hand and wrist area, 4 drops on area and pain is under control for almost 4 hours, and can keep applying as needed without fear of bad side affects like the OTC meds can give you. Also use for arthritis in my knee, and I like the smell - Mary 


Pay Attention Blend

Pay attenion 

This blend is awesome it has allowed my son to be taken off medication completely! He sleeps better and is doing great in school - Mary 


Turmeric Essential Oil

Trumeric oil for pain 

This is great for topical use and pain, including reducing swelling.- Lynette


Enlighten Blend

New favorite 

Used this for the first time over the weekend and absolutely love the smell and how it made me feel, I now use everyday, sometimes several times a day for nice pick me up. - Tracy 


Holiday Scent Kit

Nice set 

Each one of these little bottles has proven to have a number of uses. I am very pleased that I chose this set. I have used the peppermint for medicinal purposes as well as an additive in a linen spray . The cinnamon bark for a household deodorizer/spray that I mixed with sweet orange essential oil...very nice. Fir and balsam are just appealing to me so I use them for numerous items I make. - Kathy 


Peppermint Essential Oil

Headache relief without medicine! 

I use my peppermint oil with a little almond oil for headache relief ! Yes, it works! Keep it in your desk drawer for those tension filled days on the job. - Kathy


Ache No More Blend 

Love it! 

Have had the need to rub this on my neck and shoulders and occasionally my lower back. It really helps and although the smell is a bit strong at the beginning, it mellows out. I used this one morning before work and my coworker could not tell. - Kathy


'Tis The Season Blend

Happy Smells 

I purchased this blend to make a spray for the home. The aroma brings back memories of the winter holiday season and makes everything smell fresh and happy! - Kathy 


Itch No More Blend

Another great blend 

I purchased this blend for my husband. He has allergies to something that has never been determined. He very frequently breaks out in hives that itch terribly. Normally, he puts ice packs on the area and usually succumbs to taking medication. He has been able to get relief from rubbing the Itch No More on his hives and reduce the number of times he has to take medication. - Kathy  


Nausea Blend


I was a little hesitant regarding this blend. I could not imagine that the nausea that I had suffered in the past, could possibly be tamed by a blend of oils. Previously, the only thing that would calm the nausea was IV Zofran (which really did not work well for me) or a phenergan suppository. The first time I tried it, I was afraid it wouldn't work. I settled myself, cleared my head as best I could, and rubbed the blend directly on my belly. After a bit, I noticed I was actually feeling better! Amazed, I was! I carry this with me always...along with Miss Kate's Happy Tummy and the Gastro blend. I can't imagine being without these life changing products! Thanks again and again and again.....  - Kathy 


Peppermint Essential Oil

Love the tingle 

I love putting this on my belly and the soles of my feet. For the soles of my feet it is added with Tumeric and black pepper oil to help with my Raynauds - Kathy 


Neem Essential Oil

Used on scalp 

I have used this on my scalp because I have had some breakouts and itching. It really seemed to help. - Dona


Lemon Essential Oil

This TRULY makes me happy 

I absolutely love the smell of lemon in this stays strong the entire day with just a few drops on my wrists.
I also cannot wait to start adding it to some of my cleaning products that I'd like to learn more about how to make them myself instead of buying. This is one of my favorite scents. It truly makes me alert and happy. - Dona


Breathe Deep Blend 

Easily one of my favorites!! 

I love this!! I use daily and LOVE the smell. It perks me up and I get compliments on it! The smell makes me happy and wanting to do things instead of slacking off! - Dona


Gastro Blend

This is a daily savior 

I use this along with the tumeric and happy tummy for bloating, digestion, and just all over feeling better. I apply to belly and feet. - Dona


Itch No More Blend

Helped my scars from GB removal 

As said above my scars from GB removal itched. And applying this to them helped a LOT! Also had some "sweat bumps" recently.. And this stopped me from scratching them! love it! - Dona


Immuno Blend

This has saved me!, 

This is one that was recommended to me when the owner of this site discovered I have MRSA. I use this daily... My boss is always sick, and I usually get it too. Since I have started this, I have NOT been sick. Also recently, on the airplane, which are cesspools of germs, I used a LOT of it. I almost always get sick after travel... But I didn't!  - Dona


Miss Kate's Happy Tummy Blend

Happy for sure! 

In addition to some of the other blends, I use Miss Kate's regularly. Before meals I rub 4-5 drops on the bottom of my foot. If I start to feel any stomach discomfort at other times during the day, I use it again. This blend is pleasantly scented and very helpful for those of us who have chronic stomach dis-Ease. Along with the gastro blend, this product has offered me freedom from medication that had potential for horrible, irreversible side effects. Than you essential 7 and Chalyce for the recommendations!  - Kathy 


Gastro Blend

Great stuff! 

I was determined to wean off medication that the doctors had prescribed for my gastroparesis. Luckily, I found this site and started using the gastro blend and Miss Kate's Happy Tummy Blend per recommendation of Chalyce. I have had great success! N addition to these oils, I eat clean and smart. The blend has a pleasant aroma and an additional benefit , because I rub the oil to the bottom of my feet......my feet don't stink! :) - Kathy 


Gastro Blend

Gastro Blend 

Even though it is my daughter that has GP I am learning I have my own digestive issues going on and since starting the Gastro Blend, I couldn't be happier. I swear by all of the oils not only for my self but my whole family. I highly recommend this oil for anyone that as any type of digestive issues no matter how little or how big the issue. The gut has to be prepped first and this oil is a good way of supporting what you may need. - Tracy 


Kathy's Sleep Easy Blend

Kathy's Sleep Easy 

Awesome oil, does not make you drowsy but once you lay down you get a good restful sleep. Very well worth getting it. - Tracy 


Miss Kate's Happy Tummy Blend

Made a real difference. 

I am dealing with gp and after using this product you can really feel the symptoms become easier to deal with on a daily basis. - Francisco


Baby's Happy Tummy Blend

Baby's Happy Tummy 

This oil was the best thing to help my daughter get that final bit of support she needed to help with the pain, nausea, and just overall not feeling good. My daughter is 4 and half and now will bring the oil to me to put it on it because she can feel the difference in how she feels with the oil on. I highly recommend this oil for any little one. - Tracy 


Turmeric Essential Oil

Nausea and pain 

This oil has been extremely beneficial in helping me with nausea and stomach pain. I really didn't notice how beneficial it was until i ran out. I won't be making that mistake again - Francisco


Relax and Release Blend


I love Relax and Release. It smells so good and is calming. Just the right thing to use when unwinding at the end of the day and before sleep. - Michelle


Turmeric Essential Oil

Turmeric oil 

One product I can't do without: helps with nausea, bloating and inflammation - Mary 


Kathy's Sleep Easy Blend

Kathy's sleep easy 

Awesome product, apply four drops about 45 minutes before bedtime and you sleep like a baby - Mary 


Lavender, 40/42 Essential Oil

Owner, Moon Works, LLC 

Lavender has been the top-selling Moon Works Laundry Powder since 2000. We use Lavender Essential Oil (40/42) from Essential7. The essential oils AND essential information provided by Essential7 are both high grade! Thank you for your diligence and your integrity. - Gail




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