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Simple Facial Oil

Simple Facial Oil

I’ve read varying recipes from different blogs, but I wanted this to be quick and simple, so I just looked through my closet and used what I had on hand already.  The recipe is extremely versatile and can be customized to your skin or what you already have in your house as well.

Simple Facial Oil

-carrier oil
-secondary oil (optional)
-essential oil (use one or a combination)

Fill container most of the way full with the carrier oil.  Fill the rest of the way with the secondary oil.  Add 5-10 drops of essential oil (you should be able to smell it, but not have it be overpowering).  Shake before each use.

Different oils are better for different skin, and this is where the customization comes in.  I used grapeseed oil, vitamin E oil, and lavender essential oil.

Some common oils and their uses are:

Carrier oils:
-grapeseed oil for normal, oily, acne prone, or sensitive skin
-sweet almond oil for all skin types, but takes a little longer to absorb
-jojoba oil for all skin types
-olive oil for dry skin, but really takes longer to absorb
-avocado oil for dry or aging skin

Secondary oils:
These oils are all excellent for any skin type.  They’re extra nourishing, but can also be extra-pricey.  Thankfully it’s just a small ratio.
-vitamin E oil
-carrot seed oil (this is essential oil and can be mixed with your carrier 10 drops is suggested)
-rosehip seed oil
-emu oil

Essential oils:
-lavender for acne prone, dry, oily, chapped, or normal skin and scars
-rose for combination, acne prone, aging, dry, oily, or sensitive skin and large pores
-patchouli for oily, aging, or chapped skin and eczema
-peppermint for oily skin and blackheads or puffiness (With this oil only 2-3 drops is suggested)
-chamomile , Roman for acne prone or sensitive and puffiness or eczema
-lemongrass for blackheads and large pores (Only use at night maybe photosensitive.  4 drops is suggested)


Have fun experimenting!

Do you have any handmade beauty items?  What do you use for moisturizer?

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Monday, 25 September 2017
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