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 If a customer orders a large quantity of a product and all of the product is not in stock when the order is entered into our system, once the new stock arrives we will ship separately whatever quantity we may owe the customer. Most of our restocking orders arrive at our warehouse 5-7 business days after we place a restocking order, sometimes sooner. Should the distiller or vendor inform us restocking will take longer than 7 business days, we’ll promptly notify the customer.

Please note that we do not allow order cancellations for any reason and we don’t allow removal/cancellations of products which become partially or completely out of stock after the customer places an order.




Raw materials/ingredients are dispensed by weight. Many customers ask how many ounces in a pound, there are 16 ounces in one pound. These are not fluid ounces, they are ounces by weight.Our containers are filled with products to where our commercial digital scales indicate the container should be filled. Some containers will be filled to the top, some will not.

 All our products are dispensed by weight. Essential Oils in 5ml. through 950ml. - amber glass pharmaceutical-grade bottle. EO's in 5 and 25+ lbs,  industry-standard metal or plastic can with a pouring spout, the oil may remain inside the metal can indefinitely.   CARRIER OILS - plastic bottles/pails depending on the size ordered, do not need to be transferred to glass unless you wish to do so. Fragrance Oils - in plastic containers, contents do not need to be transferred to glass unless you wish to do so.




 Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, Waxes, Carrier Oils and Butters should be stored in tightly-sealed containers away from direct light and heat. Many oils could be highly flammable, keep away from open flames. Refrigerating butters could adversely affect the consistency of the butter.


We will not be responsible for any empty or filled bottle which breaks or explodes after receipt. We recommend that none of our products be left in a hot car or in the sun as they will be affected and some might even explode. Before you fill any of our empty containers, please check them over carefully. When the bottles and jars left our warehouse they were in perfect condition with no cracks or breaks. We take great care in packaging fragile items in order to prevent breakage while in transit to the customer. However, sometimes products such as glass bottles or glass jars or rigid plastic jars may develop hairline cracks during transit and when the customer fills them with liquids they notice that the jar or bottle may leak. If this happens contact us right away and we will address this challenge promptly.


Return Policy

All sales are final, we do NOT accept returns or cancellations.  Before you finalize the order, please make sure you intend to order what you selected. All orders placed will ship exactly as placed. Please click on the products to read descriptions for each product. We do not accept returns because a product is too thick or because you could not work with the product or for any other reason not related to a mistake at our end. The raw materials we offer are all natural and, as such, will vary in color, consistency, and aroma from batch to batch and vendor to vendor. Please do not expect uniformity when ordering natural raw materials.  I urge you to read very carefully as to what you a buying, double check the shopping cart when you add it to the cart to make sure everything is correct and double check everything before submitting your order   Health laws do not allow us to accept returns due to contamination.




As a wholesaler, we are finding it difficult to accommodate an increasing number of small orders. The rising cost of administering small orders have been straining our ability to offer the most competitive pricing in the industry. Hence, we will be instituting a Minimum Order Policy, which requires orders to be of minimum $20.00. On all orders less than $20.00, an Administrative Fee of $20 will be applied. This policy will be effective March 01, 2014. We truly regret any inconvenience this may cause you, but we trust that our valued customers will appreciate this, as it is necessary in order to offer the best wholesale pricing in the industry.

PROCESSING TIME:  We do our best to ship within 4-5 business days of an order being logged into our system. However, our turnaround time may increase or decrease based on order volume and time of year.  We do our best to keep the customers updated if there are back orders on large volumes of product/

Orders are logged in the next business day after they're placed. Orders received on Fridays, holidays, on days we’re closed or weekends are logged in the next business day. There are times when order processing may be additionally delayed due to an extremely high volume of orders, to holidays or to weather conditions; we appreciate your understanding when this occurs.

During very heavy periods, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, the months of September thru December, Mother's Day, as well as when we close during holidays or offer discount promotions, customers must allow additional days for an order to be processed and shipped; please plan your orders accordingly.  Please remember that you must allow time-in-transit for an order to reach you, we're located in South Florida, zip code 34275. Please do not wait until the last minute to place your order, please plan your purchases so you will not be disappointed should a delay occur in order processing, if an item is out of stock or if your shipment is damaged, lost or delayed due to weather.




When placing an order, your order will be filled in the order it is received.  It will take 4-5 business days to process and 2-3 business days to ship.  If the ordered is placed after  12pm Eastern Standard Time it will not be processed until the following day.  We do not process orders on Saturday or Sunday or days that we are closed.  If you need to have your order rushed there is a 20.00 fee on top of the shipping charges that apply.  Please call us to have your order rushed. 720-379-8183

 Refused Shipments

 Should delivery of a shipment be refused for any reason not authorized by us, these are the charges you will face: (1) Order cancellation fee of $20.00 for any returned/refused shipment. (2) Restocking charges of 20% on all products in the order. (3) Whatever the carrier charges for returning the refused shipment to us. The balance will be returned to you approximately within 14 business days of our receipt of the returned/refused shipment.



Added Request on Comment Form

 We will use our discretion as to whether or not we will include your requests into the shipping label. Sometimes, requests such as ‘leave on porch if no one is home’ cannot be complied with because of the value of the shipment or because lye is included in the shipment. We will make a decision on what can and cannot be included on the shipping label and what fits on the label. Please note that the driver reserves the right to decide whether or not it is safe to leave a parcel unattended or without a signature and the driver may require a signature upon delivery even if we did not request a signature. If our clerk misses not following a customer’s instructions, all we can do is apologize for this error on our part. 



Wrong Items, Wrong Order, Weather

 If you receive someone else's order or wrong items with your order, please do not send the shipment back without first contacting us; please give us an opportunity to research and reply. Should you decide to ship the items back to us without our authorization, you will assume all responsibilities and expenses related to the return shipment in which case we won't be able to reimburse shipping charges you may incur. We are not responsible for weather conditions during transit to you which may affect the products you receive or which may cause your shipment to be delayed during transit. If it's freezing outside, some of your products may arrive frozen and you should leave them at room temperature until they have returned to their normal state. If it's very hot outside, some of your products may arrive fully melted. Set them in a cool place until they return to their normal state. Temperature fluctuations while in transit will not affect any of our raw materials. Returns are not accepted because products arrived frozen or melted.

Customers are responsible for providing accurate shipping information when registering with the site.  Lost, misplaced, or return shipments based off of incorrect shipping information as provided by the customer shall be the sole responsibility of the customer.  Essential7 will make its best effort to redirect shipments as needed for incorrect shipping addresses in order to fully satisfy customer orders.



  1. All orders must be checked within 24 hours of receipt so that any discrepancies may be addressed.
  2. Due to the volatile nature of the essential oils market, price commitment is made on the placement of order only. We shall do our best to keep our website updated..
  3. There is a Minimum Order Policy, which requires orders to be of minimum $20.00. On all orders less than $20.00, an Administrative Fee of $20 will be applied. .
  4. Any orders above $5,000.00 must be paid by Wire Transfer, Certified Cheque, or Direct Deposit.
  5. Once an order has been confirmed we will not accept any additions or deletions. Should you wish to have any item removed after the order has been packed, a restocking fee will be applied to cover the cost of removing the item(s) and repacking the order. The fee will be $10.00 or 20% of the cost of the items removed, whichever is the greater amount. Any additions will be treated as a new order with all applicable guidelines. Please ensure that all orders are accurate prior to finalizing.
  6. At all times, prices are effective on the date of your order only. Discounts or coupons that were not valid on the date of your order, cannot be applied



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